Saturday, August 22, 2009

My holiday is almost over
The period of super lull and slackiness is fading away

Next comes recce course which i have recce-ed over the internet
To be the most amazingly hard crazy insane life-threatening terrible thing in the world
I think i better take out some insurance for my shoulders and legs

What?! 1st week leopard crawl in FBO
What is this BULLLSHIT?!
OMG Omg damn it
WHAT?! 8 days outfield!
I mite as well go OCS!
WHAT?! People wear the jungle caps even if they didnt earn it and even some random road sweeper in ECP is wearing it!
WHAT?! Getting tortured!
Pray for my soul.

More outfield awaits...Shitttee...

Bennie out:S


now you notice i talk a lot!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Offically passed out from BSLC le!
Blog seems like a pain now.
Typing a million letters out seems super bothersome like
And plus i keep forgetting what i want to type!

Anywhere been posted to 3 SIR As a recce trooper
Hm people think im crazy
Since Recce is one of the most xiong unit
Cus cue 30kg load and super long distance marches(60 km anyone?)
But im dying for a challenge
And since i skipped the pitfall of NDU
karma has come to bite me in the ass
Anywhere the camp is nearer den Pasir Super far Laba
Which rocks

Dun noe what to type le
Typing is a pain indeed:O

Bennie out:)

now you notice i talk a lot!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Little update here:)
Got a cheery little blogskin which i find quite cute and alluring
Had a great temptation to choose a dark skin again
But alas darkness has fled from me

After doing some meditation,
I have reconfigured my beliefs and philosophy
I must stop being passive and stop waiting for things to happen
For they will never happen if i dont act
I must take the initiative to jump start things not wait for someone to draw blood
Like For EG, If i want a GF i must court the person i like
Not wait for ppl to court me
If i want ppl to stop disturbing my precious sleep
Den i must admonish them
Initiative is key!

Going for grandslam soon!
Can see good khai and ashraff
Awesome stuff
Always good to visit our place of 'birth'
Good old Tekong
i just hope i dont screw up the navigation
Or else it will be a long long walk..

Bennie out:)

now you notice i talk a lot!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

My 1st bookout from BSLC.
Feels great:)
Admin was screwed up as usual as with ALL book out times
Ended up booking out 1 and a half hour later den forcasted.

With the super restrictions on what i can say
There is really nothing much to say
Except for cue the title
Vocies in the dark
I need my sleep damn it
I dont give a damn whether i support ur little zaogeng revolution
Nor am i in the right to offer my holiest opinion on how u guys shud conduct yourselves
But from what i seen, I be damned if we go field camp together
Prove me wrong then

Many many more things to say
But the internet police is gonna kill me
Big brother is watching heh

Bennie out=X

now you notice i talk a lot!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Due to the great abundance of time dat i have on my hands
I decided to watch movies that are considered classics but i have somehow missed out on them
It started with Terminator 2 which was a jaw-dropping movie
I swear it feels and looks like a new movie that just came out last week
ITs amazing!

Tonight i decided to watch "Saving Private Ryan"

And a myraid of emotions
You know watching the 1st 24 mins of the flim
It makes BMTC feels like child play
Cus the Normardy landing made my complaint abt army small and insignificant
Cus i know If i was there,
I would probably panic and turn tail
If i was there i will just probably shoot myself in the head
What is my minor suffering compared to them
Watching your platoon mates get blown to pieces
Watch your buddy who was alive a few seconds ago with his face blown off
Watch bullets fly through the air
Knowing that a single miscalculation will cost you
See Intestines and brain matter all over the place
See helpless mates cry and moan but you cant do anything to help them
God help me if i were there.

Thus this flim gives me a great motivational boost i guess for the course ahead.
After all im not putting my life on the line
But those men were
I can DO IT:)

Bennie out:(
Couldnt bear to watch the rest of the flim.
I tear for those who valiantly lost their lives

now you notice i talk a lot!

Friday, June 19, 2009

So New unit New life.
Tmr im booking in for a second round of torture>.<
Been enjoying my freedom these past 10 days even if im super sick
But tmr is gonna be the start of chiong sua again

Heard that 1st few weeks will be quite slack
Alot of lectures n stuff
But after that OUTFIELD!
I really hate the jungle
Im going to totally suffer
No bathing check
No nice bed check
Strange insects check
Body full of dirt and sand check
Super dirty uniforms? Check
COmbat Rations! Yucks
at least its not tekong (Well 1 of them will be at tekong)
But still doesnt help to alleviate the painT.T
Hope i get posted out after BSLC=(
Or if ASLC get posted to tekong to become a king:P

SISPEC camp is so far lor
Boon lay.
Im been laughing at my mates all these while becus im just a 30 min ride from pasir ris
Looks like now the tables are turned=O
Hope to get wei han's father ride
That will be awesome!

Went to og outing yst and we went to some ulu bar.
The irony is that we didnt drink there which is kind of wasted
Becus there are so many colourful liquors and wines there
Sparkling blue red and all the nice colours
Really feel like gulping them all down
Den after stoning there for super long
We noticed some people dressing up for some fancy party of sorts
Apparently some Gothic theme party there
One of them wanted us to join along haha
Some of the dress were quite ridiculous though
We just escaped as quickly as possible

After that we went to MOF
And i spammed all the free green tea thanks to Rachel's membership
I think i drank like 3 pots of it ha:P

Bennie out:~

now you notice i talk a lot!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Woots TEKONG is an awesome place!
WE should all aspire to go there and serve our nation!
Field camp is cool!
Everyone shud go thru field camps
Especially students who lives are too blessed
We need them to know HARDSHIP!
Its is for their own good too FOR we are never safe from our enemies!

Damn im taking the piss here.
My blog skin is cringe-worthy
Tmr i have to go back tekong
Back to my least favourite chalet

guard duty heh
What went thru my mind when i volunteered for it

Borrowed some books today
Apparently my brain has rotted
Need to reverse the damage
I dont know about you guys
But civilian life is AWESOME
Cant really fathom going back into those green fatigues
The amount of freedom i have is astounding
Har har
But my physical health is going to take a hit
And my discipline levels going down again
And i feel restless
I rather be working right now like all my female frens
den can go uni le!
Not like stuck in a job which i totally didnt volunteered for and the pay is really shite

If the pay is 3k i dont mind:P
But no its a miserable 420.
Well done.
I can barely support myself on that.
Shows how high living cost is here
Or am i spending recklessly
More like the latter i think.

Anyway i hope i can either go to a Slack unit or SISPEC with their super mega high pay
I probably stick a 50 dollar bill on my locker to motivate me thru each day

Talking about randomness
I really cant sing now=O
All those shouting and screaming has permanently left a mark
I go super off key now..
I want my voice back you miserable SAF cunts!
I demand a compensation and a lifetime pass to K-BOX with a supportive and encouraging entourage to hear me sing

On a more serious note
The SAF is really damn inefficient
No wonder they can only sustain a war for 7 days
Not becus we dont have the resources
But becus we waste them like running water
IMO i think we will be owned pretty hard if someone does want to attack us.
I dont think we are that prepared to be honest
And as i was playing Metal Gear yst
One quote stands out,
"Shooting a live human being is not the same as shooting a target board"
I dont think i have the steel to kill someone yet
I probably be like you know those war movies
Those guys who go forward and take a hit for the main hero and hte main hero would be like
"Oh im going to so take revenge"
And den my screen time is over

I see the sense in army if we are like south koreans or americans or indians or pakistanis or blah blah
But in this age of nuclear weaps
We are going to be done for if someone really wants to attack us
Oh well i dont really care
I dont advocate war anywhere
Im a PEACE -loving person^_^

Bennie out:)*I love some bent 3 bars just for the money!*

now you notice i talk a lot!


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